Scott Knight


Scott’s family are generally large people and he is no exception to this, due to the regimented lifestyle his family pushed on him he has a rather impressive physique towering over most folk. He has relatively short and scruffy black hair once again due to the regimented lifestyle, though he has let a bit of scruff on his face probably a sign of rebelliousness. He is generally openly friendly to people, but carries an air of awkwardness that makes others who don’t know him uncomfortable to be around him. He carries a rather loud and booming voice even when trying to be quiet.


Scott had come from a family of military service so, life for him had always been rather strict and regimented, he never wanted to disappoint his family and ended up doing what they always did but he also wanted his own life and pursue his own goals. He liked to visit Genai whenever he could and latched onto that echan ideal of heroism, thus he had always wanted to go into the outside world and have a legacy of heroics.

Scott Knight

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