Race Profile - Chaparran


Not much is known about chaparrans by outsiders such as us. These fae are particularly insular and guarded, and rarely seen outside the arboreal forests their race tends to call home. While humans are not particularly well liked by any of the elvish races, especially bastion-born like ourselves, the charparrans are downright xenophobic. More than a few patrol have been lost to the woods, no doubt peppered by chaparran arrows as long as a man’s arm.

The ‘wood elves’ as some have come to call them, stand about the same height as your average human, but often appear larger than they are due to their increased muscle mass and general athleticism. They seem to also have more skin tone variation than any of the other fae races, from light tan to ebony black. Their ears tend to be short and flush with their heads, which would make them appear almost human at a distance if it wasn’t for their savage dress and mannerisms. Chaparrans have been known to pierce their ears and apply tattoos to their skin, much like the more tribal cultures of ancient earth history.

Magic is not very common among their race, thankfully, as chaparran have little use for written language, instead relying on a no doubt expansive yet primitive oral tradition. It is said that the wood elves have a magical connection to the forests, able to traverse great distances through the trees themselves, as if they were all connected somehow. This is of course preposterous. A more likely explanation is that they are simply adept at rapid, stealthy movement between the trees, causing confusion among the few eye witness accounts.

Race Profile - Chaparran

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